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Materials: Deconstruct, reuse and recycle


Older urban homes have an abundance of high quality finishes in them. We do not tear everything out and throw it in a landfill for expedience.  We respect respect and honor the character of these homes by carefully deconstructing them first.  At 311 Varnum, we removed, cleaned, stored and reused many items including:​

Interior doors

Door and window and base trim

>  Interior door hardware including handles, mortise locks, decorative plates, hinges and keys

>  Vintage claw foot tub

>  Vintage wall lavatory sink

>  Vintage towel rods

​​>  Framing lumber including studs, 2x6, 2x8, 2x10 and larger

>  Flooring

Non vintage lighting





​We believe strongly in on each image for details of how the item was reused/repurposed/salvaged/reclaimed at 311 Varnum...



​And if the above were not enough...

>  Framing: over 99% of the original roof structure is original, as are the floor joists.  

Framing: the 1970 rear porch addition structure was kept in total.  Interestingly, it was built of steel.


Although we have an eye for reuse, not everything has a new place in a renovation.  All other still useful goods were donated to Community Forklift.  These materials included:

>  Washer, dryer, stove, radiators, furnace, trim, capitals, and lighting fixtures

Other items we gave away to the Petworth community included:

>  Lighting, dishwasher, vintage trim and capitals, household items, pictures and frames

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